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Top 10 Climate Change Solutions Companies – 2022

The socioeconomic effects of climate change are highly ambiguous and diverse and vary depending on space and time. To mitigate the threats posed by climate change, the world needs to articulate means, ends, and mechanisms for advocating and developing innovative technology.

The transition toward net zero requires significant societal, industrial, government, and corporate changes. Businesses are increasingly pivoting to technological innovations to fulfill net zero emission targets as digital technologies show the potential to deliver sustained solutions to many seemingly unmanageable societal issues related to climate change.

Digital technology can also play a vital role in improving resilience to global warming-related natural hazards, reducing emissions, and enhancing the ability of humans to take the required actions to realize net zero. It can help automate and immensely enhance the efficiency of manufacturing, industrial, and agricultural processes. Using AI-based systems across industries can reduce at least four percent of global emissions in the coming years.

The convergence of the digital and net zero imperatives has begun to gain traction within the academic literature, where academicians focus on the role of digital technologies through a positive contribution lens. However, a reflective perspective also recognizes the negative aspects of the rapid adoption of technology.

Businesses are coming up with innovations, including carbon capture, storage, and utilization technologies, to reduce CO2 emissions. They aim to capture CO2 produced in power plants and industrial processes and transport these emissions to offshore storage sites several kilometers underneath the seat through pipelines. The CO2 sequestered in secure areas deep under the sea would not contribute to the greenhouse effect and can, in turn, be synthesized into new fuels or energy sources for transportation and power systems in the future.

However, the scale of the Earth’s crisis is far more substantial than can be resolved by the selective decarburization of a low number of businesses. Climate change in its entirety must be addressed comprehensively by adopting a socio-technical stance with the collaboration of the private and public sectors. When anchored rightly, innovation technology drives vital adaptation projects that could facilitate the damning impact of climate change.

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    Top Climate Change Solutions Companies

  • Motus Group aims to support heavy industrial facilities by providing process integration support, emission compliance strategies, and heavy-duty material handling solutions, keeping their systems running, crew working, and plants profitable.


  • With deep experience and full value-chain expertise, Cozairo’s specialists work to develop customized onsite “blue” decarbonization projects and products that deliver proven, high-impact, cost-effective solutions to meet today’s urgent emissions-reduction challenges


  • Rypos is driven to address climate change through clean air technology. Its innovative technology addresses a customer’s need to meet increasingly global emission standards for diesel engines and stationary and mobile applications. It guides its customers through the implementation process to help them meet their climate change requirements


  • Aspen Power Partners

    Aspen Power Partners

    With a mission of accelerating and democratizing decarbonization, Aspen Power Partners develops and finances multifamily, community, and other distributed solar and storage installations to enable consumers of all income levels to access clean, renewable energy

  • Climavision


    Climavision combines the power of a proprietary, high-resolution weather radar and satellite network with decades of industry expertise and advanced weather prediction modeling to lower coverage gaps and drastically enhance forecast ability. It helps reduce the economic risks of climate change on businesses, societies, and governments

  • Heliogen


    Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company concentrated on eliminating the requirement for fossil fuels in heavy industry and fostering a sustainable future. Its AI-enabled, modular concentrated solar technology strives to cost-effectively provide near 24/7 carbon-free energy in the form of heat, power, or green hydrogen fuel at scale

  • Invaio Sciences

    Invaio Sciences

    Invaio is an agriculture biotech company dedicated to bringing innovative, nature-positive crop health technologies to support growers in tackling the biggest threats to their crops. It has developed new ways to precision-deliver natural bioactives that reduces the use of pesticides and water use and CO2 emissions

  • Project Canary

    Project Canary

    Project Canary is a climate data analytics company focused on delivering accurate and reliable insights for emission-intensive companies. It delivers independently measured emission profiles with a specific focus on methane using high-fidelity continuous monitoring technology and AI-powered alerting systems for actionable environmental performance insights

  • Redwood Materials

    Redwood Materials

    Redwood Materials is developing a fully closed-loop, domestic supply chain for lithium-ion batteries by increasing the supply of battery materials while reducing their environmental impact and cost. This circular supply chain will help them power a sustainable world and accelerate the reduction of fossil fuels

  • Trane Technologies

    Trane Technologies

    Trane Technologies is a global climate innovator that offers a portfolio of environmentally responsible products and services to bring efficient and sustainable climate solutions to buildings, homes, and transportation. The company is setting audacious goals and driving bold innovation to help businesses achieve a more sustainable world

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